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Grave Services

Over the years, Marcus Jackson Funeral Home has provided families and friends a place to celebrate the life of a passed loved one. No matter the circumstances, we help make the grieving process more manageable. We provide grave services for your family member who has recently passed away. We’ll give your loved one a decent place to rest, and we’ll enhance the appearance of individual burial plots and grave monuments. We can plant gardens and adorn graves and memorials with a wide range of lovely funeral flowers. This gives every memorial a touch of life and peaceful ambiance. Our funeral planner is compassionate and can help you plan your funeral ceremonies so that you and your family can mourn without worrying about what to do during this grieving time. We understand that this moment is challenging, and we try to ease your pain. One way of helping you through your grief is by providing quality grave services that fit every budget. We will ensure that your loved one has a peaceful place to rest where you can come and visit them at any time. Contact us today in Yonkers, NY, and we’ll be more than happy to take care of everything for you.

Grave Services: About Us
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